Saturday, September 1, 2012

MD Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel

We all know how difficult and costly it can be to stick to the routine of visiting a dermatologist or esthetician for skin maintenance; thanks to MD Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel, you now have the control over your skin's appearance on a daily basis. MD Skincare is a cosmetics company founded by Dr. Dennis Gross, a dermatologist who studied at Memorial Sloan Kettering. The product in question claims to provide the benefits of more expensive in-house peels without the hassle and cost of office visits. Let's explore the basics of this peel and find out how it works and whether or not it is right for you.

The two-step peel system is designed to treat wrinkles, enlarged pores and other issues one may have with his or her complexion. The first part of the peel uses five different types of acid - glycolic, lactic, malic, citric and salicylic - to erode dead skin cells at the surface, also known as micro-exfoliation. Using pre-soaked cotton pads, one can apply the acidic cocktail easily. While applied to the skin, the mixture helps purify your skin of dead cells and encourages cell renewal, cell turnover and the removal of blackheads. Other ingredients such as genistein stimulate collagen and reduce the rate at which it deteriorates.

The second part of the system uses a neutralizing serum to prevent the acids from doing damage to the skin, while simultaneously providing additional moisture and nutrients. This process is also completed using a pre-soaked cotton pad. Containing phospholipids, sodium bicarbonate, green tea and retinol, these components reduce irritation, provide antioxidants and boost anti-aging properties within the skin.

There are some negatives when it comes to the MD Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel as well. The pads are rather thin; one would expect the quality and thickness of them to be a little better when paying approximately $70 for the system. Since this product uses a combination of salicylic and glycolic acids, individuals with sensitive skin may suffer from burning, peeling and evening scabbing during the first uses. For most however, this product will not cause any issues.

So how does the peel system work just like a in-office peel? For starters, it uses many of the same ingredients, including:

* Glycolic acid - Reduces the visible signs of aging and exfoliates dead skin cells

* Salicylic acid - Removes blackheads and clears clogged pores, allowing them to close and become smaller

* Retinol - Promotes collagen production and has scientifically-proven anti-aging effects on the skin

For individuals of all ages who are looking for relief from acne, dull skin or signs of aging, this peel system provides a great benefit at great value. Included in the $70 price tag is one month's supply of both treatments (60 pads total) that will transform your skin's complexion, color and consistency. If you have been considering an appointment with a dermatologist or esthetician for a chemical peel or microdermabrasion, you owe it to yourself to try the MD Skincare Alpha Beta Daily Face Peel.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Can Anything Be Done To Prevent or Reduce The Appearance Of Chest Wrinkles?

If you have wrinkles on the chest area and you want to do something about the problem, rest assured that you do not have to buy an entirely new wardrobe with high necklines! For those with chest wrinkles there is some good news. You can reduce them or even make them go away completely just by making the right choices about the treatment that you use.

Unfortunately, as we age, every part of the body experiences changes wrought through the aging process. The skin is obviously one of the main areas where the signs of aging are most readily seen and experienced. The chest area is no exception. The skin on the chest is just as susceptible to wrinkles as any other area of skin on your body. That said, there are things you can do to take better care of your skin and so reduce or even remove many of the signs of aging.

A good anti-wrinkle cream should be at the top of your list of anti-aging weaponry! In fact, it should even be considered an essential item. There are many on the market that purport to contain the latest technological breakthroughs coupled with the most effective and powerful chemicals and ingredients. But why look to science for a problem that nature can handle quite effectively and will not put you at risk for some rather alarming side effects in the process? For example, did you know that many of the ingredients found in most of the cosmetics and skin care products today are known to be carcinogenic? You might wonder how this is a problem since the cream, gel, lotion, etc. is merely applied to the surface of the skin, but what you may not realize is that whatever you put on the skin is actually absorbed through all the layers and into the body.

You really need to look for an anti-aging or anti-wrinkle cream that will help you to combat the problem in a safe and effective way. To this end you might want to turn your attention away from the expensive, celebrity-endorsed skin care products to those that are not so well known, that are not lining the supermarket shelves, but which contain active, natural ingredients, chosen for their efficacy in dealing with the various signs of aging.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Benefits Using Baking Soda for Health and Beauty

So you are staring into your refrigerator at 3 AM looking for something to eat. All you have a half empty bottle of ketchup and a box of baking soda. While this might not settle the appetite in your stomach, it can be applied to your skin to make you wake up looking younger. So how does it help?

Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, has numerous qualities that make it a great health and beauty product. If you have a free moment, go into your bathroom and check out the facial cleanser you are using. Look at the ingredient label and count how many of the ingredients you can pronounce. If you can't pronounce more than 50% of them, it's time to look into washing your face with something else. Most facial cleansers are expensive and baking soda has cleansing properties that are pure and without added chemicals. When mixed with water, baking soda creates a paste that is great for cleaning your skin after a long day. It will help remove makeup and leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. If you want to create a facial mask, simply leave the product on your skin and let it dry for about fifteen minutes. Then wash it off and notice how great your skin feels. Furthermore, you can add it to your bath and your entire body will feel the effects.

Aside from skincare, baking soda can also be added to your favorite shampoo. Oftentimes your hair gets filled with chemical buildup from the hair sprays, gels and other products you use on a daily basis. Adding baking soda to your hair routine will help rid your hair of extra buildup. Some people do this everyday, but you can add just a teaspoon to your shampooing once a week to reap the benefits.

For years baking soda was used to clean your teeth and mouth. Instead of using expensive toothpastes, you can actually use baking soda directly to clean your teeth and gums. The taste can be quite strong, so feel free to mix it with your favorite flavoring, or just reserve it for emergency use.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Wonderful Benefits of Natural Skin Care Lines

Don't you agree that natural skin care lines are not all what they seem to be. You may even find that some of the most expensive products are actually less effective than the cheaper alternatives.

There are the ones that really work well and it has been said that some of these make your skin more radiant, smoother looking and youthful than what would have been possible if you didn't use it.

We Have One Problem Though

There are thousands of products that claim to be natural and help your skin regain its youthful look. But, unless you become an expert in this field, how are you to know which one of these myriads of natural products really work?

The issue is, of all the products out there how many actually do what they say and eliminate years of aging of your face.

What Natural Skin Care Lines Promise to Do For Your Skin

We have taken a closer look at what some of the best products promise to do for your skin -

    Wrinkle softening creams that are rich in Green Tea properties, turmeric and grapeseed helps to target areas such as wrinkles and fine lines
    Ingredients matter and another popular product encourages resilience, helps to create a desired effect on our skin, provides natural fragrance that is nurturing where each ingredient is selected from organically grown plants
    Then there's a product line that is purely organic, said to combine the healing powers of cocoa, honey and aloe vera in its line of products
    Another company claims that it uses only whole organic herbal extracts as well as organic essential oils with its products and that the products are additive and chemical free.

Powerful Ingredients That Make a Difference

There are certain benefits that the consumer of powerful skincare ingredients will gain that involves rich textured creams protecting all skin types and that serves to hydrate our skin. It is also said to soften and nurture the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines and it protects our skin from moisture loss.

Down below is a list of the magic ingredients that we so often find in natural skin care lines -

    Turmeric, grapeseed, vitamin E and green tea serves as natural antioxidant protection
    Carrot Root Extract and Rosehip Oil that have hydrating and restorative properties
    Avocado oil, Safflower oil, macadamia oil, marshmallow oil and aloe vera oil all combine to help with intense moisturizing that have soothing effects on the skin
    Retinyl palmitate and lactic acid to keep the skin exfoliated and helps prepare our skin for other restorative ingredients

Friday, August 3, 2012

How To Get Natural Glowing Skin Through These Easy Techniques?

Who doesn't want natural glowing skin? Overtime cellular build up on the surface of the skin can cause skin to look dull and dry. Every woman wants to have flawless, flowing skin just like the celebrities we see on TV, on the cover of magazines and in movies. But who has the money and staff to keep up with the celebrities? For us normal people getting natural glowing skin takes time and comes from well cared for skin. It normally takes 3-6 weeks to see radiant results on the skin. Follow these daily skin care tips to jump-start the skin renewal process and reveal smoother, fresher, younger looking skin.

Wash Your Skin
Healthy skin renews itself every 2-4 weeks. You can encourage your skin renewal by washing your skin on a daily basis. Washing your skin removes dirt, grime and toxins that accumulate on the surface of your skin throughout the day. To avoid losing the moisture in your skin, limit your shower time to 10 minutes. Also, use warm water not hot to open up and cleanse your pores. Ditch your bar soap and replace them with gentle cleansers or moisturizing body wash. Deodorant bar soaps can be harsh on the skin stripping it of moisture and leaving your skin dry, itchy and irritated. Body washes are less abrasive and can contain natural oils to put moisture back into your skin.

Exfoliation is the process by which you speed up cell turnover on the skin. By exfoliating 1-2 times a week you encourage the skins renewal process leaving the skin better able to repair itself, retain moisture and produce collagen. Although there are expensive exfoliating products available all you really need is a washcloth or a loofah. Lightly scrub the skin in a circular motion to remove dead skin cells to reveal fresher, more vibrant skin beneath. Your skin will look brighter and feel softer. Remember do not exfoliate too frequently.

For dull or sallow complexion, your skin needs moisture. Without moisture cellular turnover takes longer, leaving you with less than perfect looking skin. After you shower, don't completely dry off, allow some of the water left on your skin to be absorbed into your open pores. This will plump up your skin reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which bounce light away from your skin. Then apply a generous amount of moisturizing cream or lotion in a circular motion all over your skin. Give it I time to be absorbed before covering your skin.

Drink Water
In addition to externally moisturizing, internal hydration is necessary for optimal cellular function. All the cells in our body need water, that's why it's so important to replenish your body's water supply daily. Drinking 8 glasses of water a day should be sufficient, however exercising and hot climates may require more intake. Drinking water also helps to flush out toxins in the blood stream, keeping skin cleaner and clearer.

Eat a Healthy Diet
A healthy diet delivers the appropriate balance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants throughout the body and directly to the skin. Healthier skin cells appear better, fresher and more vibrant. A healthy diet should be made up of a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole grains and proteins. A fiber rich diet will also keep your GI tract regular making sure that chemicals, toxins, preservatives and additives aren't left in your system to harm your skin. Cut out high sugar foods and high salt foods, which can stretch the skin and make you look bloated.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Omega 3 fatty acids should be an essential part of anyone's skin care routine. They are excellent for the skin because they reduce inflammation and help skin retain moisture. Omega 3's assist in cellular repair and defend against cell damage. Omega 3's can be consumed through fish such as salmon, nuts like walnut s or pill form. Whichever way you take it your skin will thank you by glowing.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Steps For More Effective Skin Care Can Lead To Aging Well

Skin care is an important issue that can lend itself to aging well. One well worth the time and effort it will require to become knowledgeable. As with any issue that affects appearance, you can enjoy greater confidence when you are looking your best. The right approach will bring with it all the opportunity that can be enjoyed by looking and feeling great.

Taking proper care of your skin means ensuring that your body has all it needs to keep itself healthy. In addition to basic care, there are environmental and lifestyle issues that may need to be considered as well. Activities such as smoking or prolonged exposure to the sun can leave your skin looking tired and worn out, or even increase your risk of developing signs of premature aging. Fortunately most of these issues can be addressed when you take the appropriate steps.

Fundamental care can be as simple as getting enough sleep. Fatigue leaves the body functioning less efficiently, and as a result your skin can't look its best. Once you have attended to any possible health and lifestyle concerns, it's time to consider what else you can do to keep your skin looking great. When it comes to selecting from the wide variety of commercial products that are available, a little education can go a long way.

With a range of options that cover everything from simple home remedies to costly and invasive surgeries, it's important to know more about your choices. The fundamentals of good skin care and aging well remain constant no matter which treatments you are considering. Proper cleansing, hydration, and protection won't merely prevent and treat dry skin. Done correctly, they will actually improve skin tone and texture, mask imperfections, and protect your skin from environmental threats.

Ensuring that the product you select is able to do this effectively is very important. Home remedies just won't be able to provide the care you need when it comes to skin type, or providing sufficient protection from your environment. The most effective results can only come from the right product. At the same time, it is also important to understand that many available products contain potentially damaging ingredients.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Weather's Influence on Men's Skin Care Products

Is there a direct correlation between the weather and the purchasing of men's skin care products? There may be. After working in sales at a well-established men's grooming company for the past five years, I have noticed some trends that may show how weather can influence a man's decision to buy skincare products.

1. Harsher weather environments is correlated to higher sales of men's skin care products than those of milder weather environments. "Harsher" meaning extreme weather conditions such as but not limited to freezing snow weather, or intraday weather that fluctuates greatly for example extremely hot weather in the early afternoon and then significantly cool weather at night.

So I have noticed a sales trend in the United States that the East Coast area is a larger market, in general, for men's skin care than the West Coast. From my previous work experience, Florida ranks near the top as one of the best states for the sale of men's skin care products probably due to the fact Florida is humid and its hot weather has more of a severe effect on the skin as compared to Texas' tepid weather conditions.

2. Warmer weather typically correlates to an increase in men's suncreen SPF product sales.

Arizona and California rank up there as the largest consumer states of sunscreen products per capita. This is probably due to the abundant number of sunshine days devoid of clouds that shield harmful UVA/UVB rays from us. Or maybe because more people are enjoying themselves outside at the beach or on the golf course.

One thing I would like to note which is not related to this topic but important enough to mention is when the weather is overcast with no visible signs of blue sky, it does not mean that you do not have to use a facial suncreen that day. Harmful UVA and UVB rays still penetrate your skin in any weather conditions. Use sunscreen daily!

3. Cooler non-humid weather encourages more sales of facial moisturizers.

I noticed that winter season in the East Coast is the peak season for facial moisturizers sales. The harsh winter air and ripping breezes dry out your skin whether it's your hands or face. During Winter, people living in Hawaii are not rampant consumers of moisturizers as compared to those living in upstate New York.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Everything You Need To Know About Your Hip Extensors

Some people may say that the hip flexors do not get as much exposure as they deserve, but the hip extensors get even less, despite the equal importance they have. The lesser known hip extensors are the opposing muscles to the flexors, which are composed primarily of muscles running along the back of the leg. The hip extensor's primary function is to pull down the leg from any vertical position (i.e. the hip flexors let you lift your knee up; the hip extensors can be used to pull it back down).

Hip Extensors Anatomy

Most people would be surprised to learn that the hip extensors are mainly made up of 2 major muscle groups: the Hamstring and the Gluteus Maximus.


You are probably familiar with the Hamstring, but just in case you are not here's a quick refresher. The Hamstring is composed of the large muscle and tendons behind your thigh muscle and is used heavily in running and athletic activity.

Gluteus Maximus

The Gluteus Maximus is the most obvious opponent of the hip flexors as it is located right behind the pelvis. It is the largest of the gluteal muscles and extremely powerful in humans and primates, often called the "butt". It is subdivided into smaller muscles but that is beyond the scope of this article.

Why Is This Muscle Group Important?

You may be asking yourself what the importance of the extensors is in relation to the flexors. The answer is simple, in that since the two muscle groups are antagonists (oppose) of each other, anything you do to one of them affects the other.

When you get a flexor injury, the typical course of action is to rest and encourage healing, and then hip flexor strengthening because your muscles have weakened through inactivity. However, most people do not strengthen their extensors, which have also become weak because they have not been used much due to the hip flexor pain

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Four Ways To Lose Weight Fast Naturally

It is very likely that you are looking for ways to lose weight fast naturally. This is something that everyone wants and is something that is possible. However, it is very important to point out that this will still require some hard work from you - there is no magical pill that you can take that will make the weight drop off!

Portion Size

If you actually looked at the size of your portion, it will feel normal and just right; however, it is probably way too big. Portion control is the downfall for many people who are looking to lose weight fast naturally. You can eat all of the right things but if you eat too much of it, you will still put on weight! To cut down on your portions and lose weight fast naturally, put your meals on a smaller plate. This will make your brain think that you are getting the same amount of food but you will be lowering your calorie intake.

Eat Slowly

As well as portion sizes, another big downfall is the speed that people eat. If you want to lose weight fast naturally you must not eat fast. When you eat fast it does not give your body the chance to digest the food. This will give your body the feeling like it is still hungry and will lead you to eating seconds. However, if you eat slowly, your food will digest along the way and you will feel satisfied. Turn off the TV while you eat and have conversations with those eating with you. This will make you chew, swallow and talk before going for the next mouthful.

Eat More Fruit and Vegetables

The main trick to lose weight fast naturally is to eat foods that are low in calories. Fruit and vegetables have next to no calories and will also help to battle the sweet cravings. Another benefit of eating more of your "five a day" is that they are healthy. Fruit and vegetables are packed with vitamins and minerals that your body needs, not just to lose weight but also to fight infections and diseases.

Do Some Basic Exercise

Exercise is a great thing and something that your body needs. Not only will it help you lose weight fast naturally, it will also help you to build up your muscle and live longer. Just 30 minutes, five times a day is all you need to become healthier and you do not need to do all of that in one go. Take your time to build up slowly and constantly make changes to your exercise regime so your body does not get used to it.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

What You Need To Know Capsaicin Health Benefits?

If you enjoy spicy food, then here's some very good news for you. Chili peppers, the main component in many spicy foods, contain capsaicin - a chemical compound that is in fact beneficial to your health. The production of capsaicin in chili peppers is really a protection mechanism to counter herbivores and fungus. If pure, capsaicin is odor free, without color and it isn't going to mix with water.

We are going to talk about capsaicin health benefits in this post. It is claimed that capsaicin is useful in increasing your metabolic rate. Increased metabolic rate means more fat used and therefore can result in decreased weight. Aside from boosting metabolism, capsaicin will also help you to eat less making it even more effective in slimming down.

Certainly chili peppers happen to be hot and not everyone loves eating them. Capsaicin causes that burning taste and also the pungency in chili peppers. This will most likely make you wonder but capsaicin is in fact useful in pain alleviation. The way it works is that when it comes into contact with the body, it quickly transmits pain signals to the brain and then lowers the pain signals. You can actually get salves which contain capsaicin to aid with pain relief.

Capsaicin is discovered to be effective in maintaining your cardiovascular health. A very good one-two combination that capsaicin does is it lowers blood pressure levels and at the same time, it also brings down 'bad' cholesterol. It could prevent the stiffening of the arterial blood vessels. Capsaicin is great at preventing inflammation. Inflammation can cause various health conditions including heart disease.

It is also discovered to be effective in eliminating cancer cells. One test observed the reaction of human cancer cells evolved on rats to capsaicin. In the investigation, the end result indicated that the size of growths in the mice which were treated with capsaicin was reduced by roughly 4 times. Leukemia cells may also be stopped by capsaicin. Furthermore, it's observed to help in treating cancer of the lung.

The respiratory system may also really benefit from the healing properties of capsaicin. Just like stated earlier, capsaicin can be quite useful in treating cancer. Capsaicin is a great antibiotic and it may help you if you suffer from sinusitis. It can help cope with a variety of lung diseases like emphysema and in addition clear the nasal passages.

Your gastrointestinal system can certainly benefit from chili peppers. Because of its anti-bacterial attributes, it could fight bacterial infections in the intestinal tract. It could enhance digestion by boosting the digestive enzymes in the stomach. It can possibly beat diarrhea.

In conclusion, we've noticed that capsaicin is useful in dealing with cancer, in bettering the wellness of the respiratory system and also the digestive system and it can also aid in weight loss. There are several natural cures sites that you can visit to find out more about the benefits connected with capsaicin.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

How Benefits Herbal Remedies For Liver?

Liver is responsible for digestion of food, hormone production, metabolism, detoxification of the body, maintenance of the volume of blood, regulation of the factors affecting blood clotting, production of bile juices and regulation of glucose, cholesterol and proteins. Liver also produces enzymes and proteins which make new tissues and repair the damaged ones. Cirrhosis, fatty liver, fibrosis, hepatitis, jaundice, hepatoma, cholestasis, and cancer are some of the diseases that affect liver.

Herbal Remedies for liver diseases

Herbal remedies can cure most liver disorders without serious side effects. The most important home remedy is a balanced diet consisting of seeds, nuts, grains, vegetables and fruits. Fresh vegetables such as carrots, spinach, papaya, cucumber, cabbage, mushrooms, sprouts, tomatoes, beets, squashes, bitter gourd, egg-plant, radish and beans should be included in the food. These fresh vegetables detoxify liver and are immensely useful in restoring liver health.

Milk Thistle seed extract is immensely beneficial for liver regeneration; it protects liver from toxins. Artichoke and Dandelion too, have the same healing properties as Milk Thistle. Extracts of Milk Thistle, Artichoke and Dandelion will restore liver faster. Equally useful is a mixture of powdered coriander seeds, dried ginger and black salt. Roast a bottle gourd on fire, mash it and squeeze out the juice, mix sugar candy and drink it. Turmeric is an antioxidant herb that protects liver from toxins. It increases bile output, enhances its solubility and thus prevents gallstones.

Eclipta Alba is very beneficial for treating liver; consume the juice extracted from all parts of the plant, and mixed with honey. Picrorhiza Kurroa is a useful herbal remedy for liver disorder. Consume a mixture of its powder and honey. Fig is another effective herbal remedy; rinse and crush its four leaves with some amount of sugar candy, and consume this decoction. Roast some cumin seeds, mix it in a cup of buttermilk and consume it. Take lime Juice with a pinch of rock salt. A spoonful of Olive oil added with a few drops of lemon, before breakfast, will also be effective. Gentian, Linden as well as neem-leaves are also helpful in curing various liver diseases. So is Eleuthero. Licorice and Bupleurum are good remedies for viral hepatitis. Schisandra protects liver from damage and helps to improve overall health.

Liver Cleansing

Liver Flush, a liver cleansing technique, is used for removing excess fatty acids and toxic substances from liver. Mix fresh citrus juices, 1-2 cloves of garlic, ginger root juice and one tablespoon of olive oil; shake and drink. Liver flush is commonly done in the spring and the autumn.

Friday, June 15, 2012

What to Know about Physical Signs of Heroin Use

         Nowadays there are more and more people that become the victim of drug addictions. Well, it is definitely a big problem that we have to think seriously. The drug addiction is a very serious matter. The drug addiction definitely can affects someone’s future. Often the victim is not only the sufferer of the drug addiction but also people around him or her. So, if you find out that someone that you love get the problem do you know what to do?

         Well, if you know that there are people around you who are trapped in the drug addiction problems; it is your responsibility to help them. Before we go further to give advanced treatment, we have to make sure that the people are the sufferer of drug addictions. You have to make a little observation toward the people to find out whether they are the sufferers of drug addiction or not. Heroin is the example of the drugs that often lead us to the addiction. How to make sure that the person is the victim of heroin addiction problems. There are some Physical Signs of Heroin Use that can help us to notify whether a person is a positive heroin user or not. Some of the symptoms are there are the tracks of body mutilation. In trance situation, the people who use the heroin may have a lot of injection tracks. Since they make the injection over and over again, sometimes the tracks are difficult to be hidden.

         The other sign is that they may give the poor performance in their job and other daily activities because the heroin may affect the work of the brain and they only think about the how to get the drug. If you find the symptoms, it is the time to look for the right Heroin Drug Rehabilitation place where you can help them to stop the addiction. Try to get the best Heroin Addiction Treatment at the best rehabilitation place.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Best Teleradiology for the Best Diagnosis

         Radiology has been an important part of medical world for decades. Many needs for diagnosis require the result of radiology to make sure that the diagnosis will be valid so that the treatment given to the patient will be appropriate. The radiology will be more important to some case that needs immediate medical care or action especially for accident victims who potentially get great injury or even death because of the accident. The analysis on the radiology image should be done quickly for the reason of patient’s life. However, the doctors who are able to read and analyze the image well sometimes difficult to meet because there are still few of doctors who have such knowledge. In this case, consulting the image of radiology through teleradiology must be the best solution. It is the way can be taken by sending the radiology that will be analyzed to the one who is available to help the patient by analyzing the image so that there will be quick diagnosis about what the appropriate medical treatment will be.
         In deciding where to get the best analysis by teleradiology, it is important to make sure that the service will be gotten from the best provider. Remember, it is about someone life. For example, in order to get the best nighthawk radiology service, there are some aspects can be considered. The first is the average turnaround times needed. The quicker will be better. The next must be the average number of physicians credentialed. The next is about how many physicians are ready to help you through consultation. And the last, the physicians turnover must be low just to make sure that teleradiology will be valid in the diagnosis. If it is you who need the service, you may check this website to get the best service for your radiology.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Home Remedies to Cure a Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is sometimes referred to as Candida, a fungal infection which manifests itself in an individual as oral thrush, vaginitis or other forms which may be life threatening. This therefore means that there are a number of cures that can be used in alleviating this infection including yeast infection home remedies. These remedies refer to natural foods and other herbs that can be prepared and used at home in an effort to cure yeast and they include:-

Garlic; this is one of the most common yeast infection natural remedies that can be used in treating this at home. Garlic has very strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which make it an effective home remedy not only to yeast but other disorders. This can be utilized directly by chewing fresh garlic two to three times a day or it can be applied on the affected areas directly for example inserting it in the vagina overnight. By chewing garlic, in some cases you may chew garlic clove which is not pleasant hence in avoiding this, remove the skins of garlic, mince them with a knife then you can mix the extract with water or juice before taking it.

Tea Tree Oil; as one of the yeast infection home remedies, tea tree oil is very effective in curing Candida. This yellowish oil is rich in anti-microbial/anti-fungal properties which make it very effective when used in treating the infection. Once the oil has been extracted, it can be applied directly on the areas that are infected by yeast and in case of vaginal infection some of the oil can be put in lukewarm water and used in taking sitz bath, but this may cause some irritations to some women hence use should be stopped if irritations are observed.

Yogurt can be used as one of the home remedies for curing this infection. This is because yogurt is rich in good bacteria mostly the lactobacillus acidophilus which is used as a culture in yogurt manufacture. This will help in restoring the micro-organisms balance in the body which when imbalanced will give room for yeast infection to take place. It is therefore recommended that after yeast infection has set in, the patient should take at least a cup of yogurt in every breakfast for one week as this will clear the symptoms of yeast effectively.

Water; as one of the yeast infection home remedies, it not only hydrates the system but it also helps in flushing toxins and sugars which may be present in the body. These sugars and toxins are known in promoting the multiplication of yeast once in the body since they provide them with nutrients.

Five Harmful Ingredients in Cheap Skin Care Products You Want to Avoid

If you're like most people, you're overwhelmed by the number of skin care products on the market. And, you've heard that the most expensive products are often least effective. So, should you opt, instead, for cheap skin care products? After all, they could be just as effective as the expensive ones and cost you far less, right?

Well, there are higher levels of harmful ingredients in cheap skin care products than in higher quality ones and they can make your skin worse over time. What are at least five ingredients you should avoid in skin care products? Here are the most commonly found and their potential effect on your skin.

1. Alcohols. Because it's cheap and readily available, it's commonly used as a preservative in body care products. It also shows up on product labels as ethanol, methanol, isopropyl, alcohol, benzyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol and SD alcohol. Most of us know it's drying to your skin. But did you know it can also strip your skin's natural acid mantle increasing the likelihood of viruses, bacteria and mold entering your body through your damaged skin?

2. Parabens. Another inexpensive preservative, you'll know the cheap skin care product you're buying contain them when you see this ingredient's other names ethyl paraben, propyl, butyl, and methyl. These harmful chemicals are a cheap way for manufacturers to increase the shelf life of skin care and body moisturizing products. Yet, research shows they may be cancer-causing additives that increase skin rashes and allergic reactions to the products.

3. Mineral Oil. This inexpensive product is one of the most commonly found in hair and skin products. In fact, it's the one most often found in cheap skin care products. If you seepetrolatum, paraffin wax or liquid paraffin on the label, you're seeing mineral oil. But, this product clogs your pores and keeps your skin from breathing. This likely skin irritant can increase acne flare ups and keep your skin from eliminating toxins. Worse, over time, you skin may come to depend on your using it! A primary culprit in chapping and drying, the product can accelerate aging.

4. Fragrances. If you're like me, you love fragrances and you buy products that have nice scents to them. But, you need to limit fragrances to colognes and perfumes you dab on certain areas of your body and avoid it in products you slather all over your face and body. Otherwise, you may be literally feeding your skin toxins that studies show can cause cancer.

5. Dioxane. Widely used in skin care products as 1,4-dioxane, this derivative of coconut oil is so toxic that the State of California, which has some of the most protective consumer laws in the country, warns that this chemical causes cancer. Do you really want to be paying to rub carcinogens into your skin?

Friday, February 10, 2012

How Choosing the Best Skin Firming Lotion?

Choosing the best skin firming lotion can be a bit tricky. First, there are several products and brands that claim to be the best... and, the ingredients that make them effective can vary widely. Here's a quick explanation of what we think are the best ingredients and formulations you should consider.

What Should a Skin Firming Lotion Do?

Let's talk first about overall application and what you want out of a firming lotion. For most folks, there are two primary goals; one, firm or tighten loose, sagging or wrinkled skin. Given there are plenty of options for wrinkle serums for the face and skin tightening cream, a lotion is primarily used on the body - arms, legs, waist, stomach, chest, thighs, etc. Two, skin firming lotions should provide moisture and hydration to relieve dryness and to improve the smoothness and flexibility of the skin. Note: This added hydration cuts-down on the wrinkled, sagging appearance of the skin, too - a little added bonus.

So, what should we look for? In our opinion (and granted we manufacture hundreds of products), there are several key ingredients you need to make sure you get...the remainder are fluff, add-ons or ingredients that provide some specific incremental benefit.

Look For...

    Matrixyl® 3000 - While there are several ingredients that provide control of wrinkled skin, Matrixyl® 3000 continues to be our favorite. Matrixyl 3000 is a polypeptide with Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Carbomer, Polysorbate 20, and Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4 in a patented formula. The benefits of Matrixyl 3000 are that it is one of the most effective and widely used firming agents for skin care products. You'll find it used in popular brands ranging from Skin Tight® Body Firming Lotion to Nuetrogena® and others.

    Hyaluronic Acid - We in the skin care industry continue to cringe at the name, but it is what it is. Hyaluronic Acid is naturally produced by our bodies and help us retain, increase and improve moisture in our skin tissue. It is (what we think) is a key ingredient in any skin firming lotion where you want/need maximum hydration.

    Emu Oil - While not too popular (yet) in the U.S., Emu Oil is a staple for skin care in Australia and New Zealand. Once considered a "miracle oil" with little scientific support, Emu Oil has been the subject of numerous clinical studies that have proved its long list of benefits - anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, deep moisturizing, and improved tissue health.

    Green Tea - There are few natural ingredients that perform antioxidant protection as well as Green Tea extract. Why is this important? Antioxidants provide protection from (and in some cases) repair to damage caused by free-radical oxidization. Well, so what? Well...many scientists and researchers agree free-radical damage - or I should say the accumulation of such damage - is the primary cause of aging skin. Free-radicals damage and degenerate the cell membranes of bones, tendons, skin cells, muscle, and organs. For topical applications, Green Tea is a key for lotion protection.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Making Natural Skin Whitening A Useful Part Of Your Life

Natural skin whitening is a solution that more and more people uncomfortable with the pigment of their skin are moving to. With naturally based products, you can rest assured that they will be safe to the skin and, most of the time, without any kind of critical drawbacks, irritations or inflammations. More painful treatments for skin depigmentation, such as the chemical peel, are going the way of the dodo because they cannot achieve the same results without battering the skin and making the patient feel more like a victim. Even so, you must be careful whenever you are purchasing a natural skin whitening solution because the industry is not regulated, and that can open the door for some questionable companies to get in the mix because of dollar signs instead of a genuine concern for your skin. Here's how you can successfully make natural skin whitening a useful part of your life and never again become the victim of a peel or a shoddily made product.

1. Check the ingredients.

If you are going to be using a product on your skin that can affect pigmentation, then you definitely need to be aware of what is in it. With the Internet such an accessible tool these days, there is no good excuse for using a product and suffering consequences as a result of oversight or ignorance. You are able to google ingredients in minutes and know instantly whether they are compatible for human skin care treatment. If you find any preservatives or additives in the ingredient pile, just remember that the product is no longer what one could consider "natural." Avoid these products at all costs, even if they may sometimes be priced more cheaply.

2. Look for doctor involvement.

Many natural skin whitening products follow a generic formula. They are cooked up at a manufacturing facility and shipped to various locations throughout the world. The only thing that often changes is the label itself. Companies that partake of this large pot of natural skin whitening product care nothing about truly helping you achieve the results you are looking for. Instead they are more concerned with making money, even if it is at your expense. Don't do business with these types of people. Instead, choose factories that can actually be pinpointed in location as a unique carrier of the brand sigil. Trust in these facilities because they are often overseen by a doctor and not an assembly line worker. Adding the touch of a dermatologist is also enormous peace of mind.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Healthy Habits For Beautiful Skin

Lifestyles do influence the way our skin looks. Although many might think their skin can handle the daily wear and tear, the truth of the matter is it's delicate and needs tender loving care from the inside out.

Our skin protects us from the outdoor elements and harsh environments, so it needs to renew itself with better daily habits.

Here are some tips to get better looking skin that everyone will envy.

Skin Care Routine:

It's so important to have a daily skin care regimen which includes at least a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. For those serious about keeping their skin youthful, it's important to find the right skin care products for a particular skin type. Whether it's anti-aging, acne fighting, dry skin, combination or normal skin, do find the right product line for the best results.

Teaming up with a skin care professional is another great pathway, too.

Wear Sunscreen Daily:

Before stepping outside, be sure to wear sunscreen. In fact, apply it about 15 to 20 minutes beforehand.

UVA and UVB rays cause rapid premature skin aging, and even worse, skin cancer. Be it a bright sunny afternoon or an overcast day harmful rays will penetrate through and do its damage. This is why wearing a broad spectrum sunscreen every day is so important.

When purchasing a broad spectrum sunscreen, important ingredients to look for are:

    Titanium dioxide
    Zinc oxide

Literally, sunscreen is one of the top defenders in any anti-aging skin care regimen.

Stop Smoking:

While much research has touted the negative health issues of smoking, another area it can wreak havoc on is the skin.

Smoking can fast forward fine lines and wrinkles, paleness, and grayish facial coloring.

Cigarette smoke changes the blood vessels in the skin causing them to shrink and slow down the blood flow. Ultimately, this leads to less oxygen. And nutrients such as vitamins A and C are unable to reach the upper skin layer. A breakdown in the skin will eventually happen sooner than later.

Another reason to kick the habit is the damage to an enzyme which destroys collagen and elastin. Cigarette smoke will cause the skin to sag.

Eat A Balanced Diet:

Foods rich with antioxidants such as berries, tomatoes, and carrots are wonderful for the skin. Other great antioxidants to add into a diet can also include:

    Artichoke hearts
    Dark chocolate
    Kidney, pinto and red beans

Limit alcohol and coffee intake since caffeine can dehydrate the skin which spurs fine lines and wrinkles. Water is good for the skin so keep track of those eight glasses a day.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Seven Tips on How to Lighten Your Skin Tone

It is possible to lighten your skin tone. The amount of lightening you can achieve may be limited by genetics. But you can achieve a noticeable difference by following these seven suggestions.

Wear a Hat with a Wide Brim

Let's assume you are talking about your facial tone. If you are like most people, your facial skin is a little darker than it is on parts of your body that are protected from the sun by clothing.

Many people have started to rely on sunscreen for protection against damage that can lead to skin cancer. But research has shown that sunscreens are limited in their effectiveness. Staying out of the sun is a better solution.

The same kind of damage that causes skin cancer also causes wrinkles and a darkening of the skin's cells. When you do go out in the sun, wear a hat with a wide brim. It will help to protect your face form the sun's rays.

Stay in the Shade

Another idea is to stay in the shade whenever possible. Try to avoid going out when the sun's rays are strongest. Try to do your gardening or other outdoor activities in areas that are shaded.

Don't Drink Alcohol

If you want to lighten your skin tone, you should avoid alcoholic beverages. Excessive alcohol consumption leads to a reddening of the complexion, which depending on your skin's natural melanin color may make it look darker. Moderate alcohol consumption is sometimes considered healthy, but the risks may outweigh the benefits. There is still more to learn about this subject.

Don't Smoke

Here's another good reason to quit smoking. Cigarette smoke contains free radicals that contribute to wrinkles and age spots. The skin's melanin production increases as a defense mechanism, just as it would during exposure to UV rays of sunlight.

Get More Antioxidants in Your Diet

Antioxidants like vitamin E and coenzyme Q10 are known to lighten your skin tone when they are applied directly. They are believed to work because they repair free radical damage caused by exposure to sunlight and toxins. Eating more antioxidants can also work to improve your complexion by increasing free radical damage repair. Some studies have shown that consuming certain antioxidants helps to prevent sun damage.

Use an Antioxidant-Rich Face Cream

Antioxidants will work gradually to lighten your skin tone if you use a cream containing them on a daily basis. Coenzyme Q10 for example has been shown to reverse sun damage when applied topically. While you might not think of the darkening as sun damage, that is ultimately what you are dealing with.

Use a Safe Whitening Day Cream

There are several whitening day creams on the market. They may be effective, but some of them contain hazardous ingredients that could actually make your problem worse. One of the unwanted side effects that have been seen is the appearance of dark black bumps all over the face.

A safe ingredient is cyperus rotundus root extract. It works by inhibiting melanin production. High melanin content in the skin's cells causes darkening. As the melanin content decreases, you will lighten your skin tone naturally. For more skin care information, please see the author box below.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Using the Lavender Essential Oil to Help Treat Acne Scars

Lavender Oil is a truly beautiful essential oil that you can use to help fade your acne scars. What lavender oil is is actually a very effective natural moisturizer. Everyone knows how important it is to keep the skin nice and moist - and when treating scars this is basically a must. You'll find that it's a very very important part of a successful acne scar treatment regime, so let's look at what it can do!

Lavender oil moisturizes the skin and helps to smooth it. Most people who use it find that it's one of the most effective ways to soften the skin and when the skin is softer you get better results - the skin is lighter, feels nicer and looks better.

The oil also helps to stimulate new skin growth. While it isn't the king of regeneration (try 'Rosehip Oil' for that) it still helps to stimulate the skin. The massaging that you will need to do in order to rub the oil into the skin will also be of assistance.

Applying the oil is very easy although I suggest that you try a spot test for a week first. Some people have had flare ups when using lavender, and while this may not happen to you, a simple spot test will save any reactions that you might have to the oil.

Spot testing over, use a couple of finger to massage the oil into the affected areas once or twice a day. It does sting a bit so if you've got any current acne, you might want to avoid those affected areas in order to reduce the stinging sensation. If you apply the lavender oil just before you're about to go to bed you will find it's easier to sleep - lavender is a great relaxant as well! Some people aren't a huge fan of the smell. I will admit that it is pretty overpowering, and this purely comes down to personal preference. I like it, others like it, but you might hate it. If that's the case you might want to try another oil, like Jasmine oil.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

How Raw Foods For Great Skin?

Improve Skin Health With Raw Food

Your skin is your body's largest organ. Skin is your protective covering and handles the exposure to everything in your environment. Clearly your skin health is an indicator and reflects your overall health condition. Feeding yourself to keep optimal health will greatly enhance your skin health. Imagine that your body is a clear empty drinking glass. Filling it with dirt is not going to be very attractive, right? But filling it with cranberry juice or purified water? Now you're talking! What you put inside your body greatly impacts what is seen on your outside.

Folks these days spend lots of cash trying to give their skin a healthy and vibrant look. Most of the products purchased are topical preparations, things we apply externally. The skin does absorb these products, and many of them can improve a targeted skin issue, at least temporarily. However, as healthy skin is a reflection of the health of your internal organs and biological systems, diet plays a major role in improving your skin. Eating raw foods can show an almost immediate change in your skin's health and appearance. You will clear blemishes and get a healthier complexion quickly.

Raw foods enrich you with more of the necessary and essential nutrients required for a healthy body. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, trace elements, antioxidants and more; all of which will enhance skin health and overall well-being. Raw foods are much higher in moisture than cooked foods and cooking often destroys most of the nutritional value of food. Fresh, raw food retains all of the values necessary to promote a healthy appearance.

Apples, carrots, raw spinach (all leafy green vegetables), tomatoes, these are just a few of the foods that can greatly enhance your skin's vitality. A little red wine is also known to be beneficial. Eat nuts, avocados, seeds and be sure to drink lots of water. Avoid white bread, sugar, fast food and saturated fats. Your body will thank you and your skin will begin to shine. Skin health does require some fat in the diet, which you can get from eating nuts and by using olive oil in fresh salads. Flaxseed is another great source of nutrients and healthy fat.

Skin health and raw food are like hand in glove. The fit is perfect. Improvements come quickly. Plus you will experience higher energy levels, will keep trim and benefit every organ of your body. Turn your daily snacking into a skin care regimen and put on a new glow.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Why Body Butter Massage Cream Is Good for Skin?

It is not easy to decide which body butter massage cream is best for your skin. Not all products contain the same ingredients. Do not rely on skin care companies to tell you what to use. Research the topic before you buy your skin care products.

Skin is a naturally absorbent body organ. It allows products applied on the outside to end up on the inside. Find out which ingredients to look for, those to stay away from and what to expect from a good cream.

Skin Care Ingredients That Are Not User Friendly

Ingredients in many butter massage creams vary widely. If you do your research, you will find that several of them can be harmful. Some ingredients you do not want include:

- Alcohol - dries and irritates
- Fragrance - possibly toxic and a carcinogenic
- Parabens - a preservative to prolong shelf life and possible carcinogenic, can disrupt the endocrine system and can cause allergic reactions
- Mineral oil, paraffin or petroleum - clogs pores where skin cannot breathe or release body toxins
- Dioxane - chemical that may cause cancer

Ingredients That Help Make Your Skin Healthy

Healthy skin looks and feels smooth and supple. There are some basic ingredients to help your skin reach and maintain a high level of skin integrity.

- Collagen - a protein that enhances firmness
- Elastin - a protein that helps skin to stay flexible but firm
- CoenzymeQ10 - antioxidant that penetrates deeply into the skin, reducing free radicals and resulting in an anti-wrinkle effect
- Xtend-TK - stimulates your body to grow its own collagen again
- Phytessense Wakame - blocks a harmful enzyme and keeps it from breaking down hyaluronic acid which is the cement for elastin and collagen fibers

The Benefits of the Right Body Massage Cream

The product containing the right ingredients can do wonders for your skin if you use it as directed. Some things skin cream can do for you include:

- Restore elasticity
- Reduce minor skin irritations
- Provide sun and wind protection
- Helps even out the skin tone
- Relieve minor rashes and itchy skin
- Absorbs into the skin rapidly leaving no greasy film
- Helps heal minor burns, sunburns, and cracked skin

How to Find Products for Natural Healthy Skin

The easiest way to find products containing only the ingredients you want is online. It is quicker to search through the ingredients from the comfort of your home than standing in the aisle of a retail store.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How Essential Body Care Products for Lovely Skin?

There are different ways to care for your body. A healthy life-style, good eating habits, well balanced diet, regular exercises are necessary to ensure proper care for your mind and body. Apart from this, good body care products are also essential to maintain a healthy and beautiful skin. Today the markets are hoarded with a variety of beauty stuff that care for the skin and hair. There are herbal and natural products derived from natural herbs and plants which are quite popular these days.

Different skin types require different types of body care essentials. Most of the modern products are manufactured for specific skin types. Basically there are four types of skin- the oily skin, dry skin, normal skin and combined skin types. There are special cosmetics for oily and dry skin types. Today cosmetics and skin care products are used by both men and women to improve the quality of their skin and hair. Therefore a wide variety of both men and women skin care products are widely available in the markets today.

Different Body Care Products

Even though a new cosmetic product is launched every day, there are some common varieties of body care products used by men and women alike. Deodorants, moisturizers, creamy bar soaps, body wash, face wash; shampoos and hair conditioners are some of the most widely used products these days. With the constant development of commercialization in various fields, there has been an enormous increase in the variety of cosmetic products available in the markets today. Most of these products can be ordered and bought through online dealers too.

Body care products are quite essential in maintaining a healthy body and preserving the natural beauty of the body. There are many products which are known to slow down the aging process of the skin. Moisturizers are essential to prevent excessive drying of the skin which can cause premature aging. Soaps and body wash help to remove dirt and sweat. It revitalizes the skin and exfoliates the dead skins from the body.

Deodorants are used to prevent excessive sweating and eliminate bacteria which causes body odor. There are different types of deodorants available in the markets today which include roll on, stick deodorants and sprays. Deodorants with hundreds of different types of fragrances can be easily found in the stores. It is important to choose deodorants which contain mineral salts and baking powder as it helps to fight bad body odor.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

How Finding the Right Combination for Your Combination Skin?

What is Combination Skin?

If you have some areas of your face normal or dry and tight, while other areas are more shiny and oily, you probably have combination skin.

Although this is a very common skin type, it is also one of the most difficult to deal with. You are literally dealing with two different skin types and need to treat them that way. Dry areas tend to be the cheeks. The forehead, nose and chin (T-Zone) will be shiny and may also be prone to pimples and blackheads.

What Causes Combination Skin?

A variety of factors contribute to combination skin-hormones, weather, products, and the over or under activity of your skin's oil glands. Sometimes it is just genetics. When it comes to combination skin, the causes and combinations are different for everyone.

What Products Work for Combination Skin?

This is where it really gets tricky. It is critical to use products that will work harmoniously to treat and protect both the normal to dry areas and the oilier areas. Otherwise you may make matters worse.

For example, if your oily areas are of concern and you turn to a product that is too harsh you will over stimulate the oil glands causing them to produce even more oils. You will also be drying out the already dry areas even further. On the other hand, if your dry areas are what concern you the most and you turn to a product that is too emollient for the T-Zone, you may cause breakouts and your skin will feel greasy. The dryness may be cause from a lack of moisture (water) in the skin and not a lack of oils at all. There is a difference between dry and dehydrated skin and it is important to know what you are dealing with.

It is always best to seek the advice of an experienced skin care therapist who can analyse your skin and suggest a proper skin care regiment. Sometimes it will take some trial and error to get it just right. It may be necessary to change your skin care routine and products with the changing season as well. Your skin reacts differently to the changing seasons. During the cold, dry winter you may require a different skin care routine than you would use during the hot and humid summer months.

Some product lines offer combination skin care kits as a good starting point. If you are dealing with two very different skin conditions, you may actually need to use different products to treat the different areas of your face. For example, you may need gels, liquids, or oil-absorbing products for your T-zone and creams or lotions or the drier parts of your face. You may also need specific products to spot treat problem areas like break outs or dry patches.

Basics on How to Take Care of Your Combination Skin

Start with a gentle cleanser

Regardless of your skin type or whether or not you wear make up, cleansing is the first step to every skin care regime. Your skin continuously produces sebum (oils) and sweat, it sheds dead skin cells and it is exposed to dust, dirt and pollution on a daily basis. Proper cleansing will remove all of this accumulation and contribute to a healthy, radiant complexion.

Always wash with a gentle, water-soluble cleanser that won't strip your skin of its essential oils. If you have more oily areas, a gel-based or mild foaming cleanser will work best. If you are experiencing more dryness, a light weight cleansing milk is ideal. Avoid bar soaps or bar cleansers.

Cleansers are not on your skin long enough for active ingredients to actually penetrate so there is no need to spend a lot of extra money on cleansers that market a list of beneficial ingredients.

Use a toner

Using a toner helps ensure that all dirt, oils and left over cleansing residue are completely removed from your face. It is important to find a formula that is especially designed for your skin type. My preferred directions for use are to apply the toner to a cotton pad and wipe the entire face and neck. The toner is not rinsed off.

Avoid toners containing alcohol and fragrance which can strip and irritate the skin. Look for natural skin care lines that will provide the added benefit of targeted herbal extracts for your skin type. Astringents or clarifiers are usually meant for oilier skin types. Skin fresheners and misters are designed for dry skin. They aren't as astringent and may contain moisturizing and calming ingredients. Again, some lines will offer toners for combination skin types.

Toners also aid in product penetration. It is best to apply your protective day lotion or cream while your face is still damp from the toner.


Facial skin is thinner and more delicate than the rest of your body. Facial moisturizers are designed to protect, balance, nourish and provide just the right amount of moisturizing to protect from daily elements and pollution. There are umpteen kinds of moisturizers out there, but it basically breaks down to three categories; products that seal moisture into the skin, products that smooth the skin and products that attract moisture to the skin.

Let's start with oily skin. Oily skin not only looks shiny and oily, it is. It has excess sebum (oil production). Oily skin requires protection and hydration. If sebum is the problem, we tend to want to get rid of it, right? Wrong. Your skin needs some sebum for protection and it will, as a defense response, produce more sebum if you strip it away. Many products for oily skin are very harsh and can dehydrate and even damage your skin. Look for light weight products that provide moisture (water based hydration) protection in the form of humectants. In humid climates, humectants also attract moisture from the air. Products containing BHA (also known as salicylic acid) work best to penetrate through the oils of your skin to improve its texture and colour. Avoid creamy products containing occlusives and emollients that seal in moisture. This will trap in sebum and cause blemishes.

If you have area of dry skin on your face, try adding a serum under your daily moisturizer or treat those specific areas with a more emollient cream at night. Many moisturizers rely on a combination of humectants, occlusives and emollients to attract and seal in moisture as well as improve skin texture, while also repairing and hydrating. Be sure to consult a skin care specialist to find the products and routine that will work best for you

Some lines will offer moisturizers for combination skin types and it may take some trial and error at first. Be sure to consult a skin care specialist to find the products and routine that will work best for you and remember that you may change product types to suit the changing seasons.

Protect from sun damage

The sun's harmful rays continue to penetrate all year round, making sunscreen a daily essential no matter what your skin type. Using a broad spectrum SPF 15 or higher (30 or higher preferably) year round is a must to prevent wrinkles and other signs of aging skin! Look for non-oily preparations or tinted moisturizer containing SPF. If you have sensitive skin and irritated skin, choose sunscreens with ingredients such as flower and fruit extracts (chamomile, calendula, and cucumber) to provide healing and soothing properties that neutralize skin irritants and regulate moisture.

Exfoliate to remove built-up skin cells

Exfoliating once or twice a week with a product appropriate for your skin type effectively sloughs off dead skin cells to reveal the newer, smoother skin, lightens dark spots, allows your other beauty products penetrate more effectively, and helps retain moisture. Some exfoliating products are gentle enough to use daily. Be sure to consult a skin care specialist to find the products and routine that will work best for you.

For combination skin, try using an exfoliating product that combines physical beads (to manually remove dead skin cells) and digestive enzymes like papain, derived from papaya, that digest and breakdown dead skin cells. This allows for thorough exfoliation with less friction, thus a deep and gentle exfoliation.

You may also look for products that contain solutions such as AHA (alpha hydroxy acid such as glycolic and lactic acids) or BHA (beta hydroxy acid, also known as salicylic acid) products:

    AHAs are preferred for sun-damaged and dry skin because they have the added benefit of improving moisture content.
    BHA is preferred for oily, acne-prone skin and for treating blackheads and white bumps. Its oil-soluble qualities allow it to deeply penetrate the oil in the pores and exfoliate accumulated skin cells inside the oil glands that can clog pores. BHA is great for anyone struggling with blackheads and enlarged pores!

Spot-treat the different skin types on your face

If you are experiencing the occasional break out, spot treat with a product containing benzoyl peroxide. Another option is trying natural skin care products that have blemish serums that minimize skin imperfections with a blend of essential oils that purify and clarify the complexion.

If you have dry or tight patches, apply a hydrating primer/serum to the dry areas at night or under your make up.

Your eye area is the driest part of your face, so be sure you don't forget to apply an eye specific gel or lotion to that area.

Once or twice a week, incorporate a deep cleansing treatment mask to help draw impurities and excess oil from the skin's surface promoting cell rejuvenation. Look for products targeted to prevent clogged pores while calming and healing irritated skin.

Invigorate stressed, weary complexions with an intense hydrating mask designed to deeply cleanse and replenish lost moisture leaving the skin feeling firm and refreshed.

Choose quality products

Look for high-performance formulas that deliver antioxidants for increased long-term skin health and bioactive raw ingredients that help to balance the skin, restore moisture content, and assist with cellular regeneration.