Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Weather's Influence on Men's Skin Care Products

Is there a direct correlation between the weather and the purchasing of men's skin care products? There may be. After working in sales at a well-established men's grooming company for the past five years, I have noticed some trends that may show how weather can influence a man's decision to buy skincare products.

1. Harsher weather environments is correlated to higher sales of men's skin care products than those of milder weather environments. "Harsher" meaning extreme weather conditions such as but not limited to freezing snow weather, or intraday weather that fluctuates greatly for example extremely hot weather in the early afternoon and then significantly cool weather at night.

So I have noticed a sales trend in the United States that the East Coast area is a larger market, in general, for men's skin care than the West Coast. From my previous work experience, Florida ranks near the top as one of the best states for the sale of men's skin care products probably due to the fact Florida is humid and its hot weather has more of a severe effect on the skin as compared to Texas' tepid weather conditions.

2. Warmer weather typically correlates to an increase in men's suncreen SPF product sales.

Arizona and California rank up there as the largest consumer states of sunscreen products per capita. This is probably due to the abundant number of sunshine days devoid of clouds that shield harmful UVA/UVB rays from us. Or maybe because more people are enjoying themselves outside at the beach or on the golf course.

One thing I would like to note which is not related to this topic but important enough to mention is when the weather is overcast with no visible signs of blue sky, it does not mean that you do not have to use a facial suncreen that day. Harmful UVA and UVB rays still penetrate your skin in any weather conditions. Use sunscreen daily!

3. Cooler non-humid weather encourages more sales of facial moisturizers.

I noticed that winter season in the East Coast is the peak season for facial moisturizers sales. The harsh winter air and ripping breezes dry out your skin whether it's your hands or face. During Winter, people living in Hawaii are not rampant consumers of moisturizers as compared to those living in upstate New York.

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